Seminar 2: Tools to Minimize Loneliness and Isolation

Seminar on Loneliness and isolation, Seniors

This is the second in our seminar series on Aging in Place Technology and Tools to Live Independently for Longer.   View and Listen to the Seminar     Abstract As many of us have been reminded during the pandemic, isolation and loneliness are very undesirable. But isolation is a frequent accompaniment to aging, as … Read more

Zoom Meetings on Mom’s TV

Zoom Meetings on Mom's TV

Although my mom really does enjoy video calls from me on her Echo Show, I have problems getting the rest of my family members interested in Alexa Calling as they are only familiar with Zoom calls. I arranged it so my Mom can Zoom on her big screen TYV. Here is how to do it.

Can Photo Sharing Stimulate Deeper Interactions?

Our explorers are discussing photo sharing as a tool for deeper engagement with family living far away. Join the discussion. Share your insights in the comments. Of course, we all know about sharing photos and videos on Social Media, and "Likes". But, what if your aging parent is not keen on using Facebook, Instagram and the … Read more

Exploring Grandparent Apps

Grandparent apps: exploring

By Explorers: Susan Karplus, Lynn Davis, John Milford, Rich Selph. Dec. 2020.   “Once you are a grandparent, almost nothing seems as important as interacting with your grandkids, and helping them and their parents as much as you can.” But, if you can’t visit, or live a long way away, how do you maintain the … Read more

Want Joint Activity with Distant Relative

Want Joint Activity with Distant Relative

Your parent or relative lives far from you, or for whatever reason in person visits are not realistic.

You have a way to talk with them via video already. But now you want something you can actually DO together "virtually".

Family Video Call: Too Cramped

Family Video Call: Too Cramped

When my whole family is here, and we want to have an Alexa call with my Aunt who is now in the nursing home, it’s rather cramped sitting around my phone or even my Echo Show

Virtual Visits @ Passavant

Lutheran SeniorLife, like other senior living communities, needed to quarantine to protect our residents during the COVID pandemic. We needed to develop more creative strategies for connecting our residents and their loved ones. Here is what we did. Window visits became popular and virtual visits exploded. Residents who may have been reluctant to rely on … Read more

Virtual Connections to the Tech-Challenged

video calls seniors

Photo credit:  Pavan Trikutam   How do you have rich and engaging interactions with your parent who you can’t visit in person? Especially if they cannot, or will not, adopt mainstream consumer technologies. That’s the challenge we are exploring in this article.   After months of enforced isolation during COVID, video calling as a solution … Read more