Can Photo Sharing Stimulate Deeper Interactions?

Our explorers are discussing photo sharing as a tool for deeper engagement with family living far away. Join the discussion. Share your insights in the comments.

Of course, we all know about sharing photos and videos on Social Media, and "Likes". But, what if your aging parent is not keen on using Facebook, Instagram and the like?

And, anyway, surely there is a better way to encourage a meaningful, two way interaction than a "like".

Do you have ideas, or ways you have leveraged photos or videos to create more meaningful interaction with family members who you can't just drop in on?

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6 thoughts on “Can Photo Sharing Stimulate Deeper Interactions?”

  1. With my sister’s

    With my sister's encouragement, my brother and I have started having weekly Zoom meetings with her at a fixed time. To add to the enjoyment of just seeing each other and discussing current events in our lives, we have found that sharing old pictures of our childhood online through Zoom’s “shared desktop” allows us to see each other's reactions to them.

    Previously, we had exchanged emails with photos attached and just received "likes" back, but seeing and hearing each others' reactions is much better. We are now encouraged to dig through old photos and share our memories.

  2. A basis for photo sharing is
    A basis for photo sharing is knowing where photos are by subject and/or date. Anyone have any ideas about sorting and organizing photos? Is there software to help? Should photos be stored on your computer or in the cloud? Should photos be edited, sized, culled, … before sharing?

  3. I have come to love my
    I have come to love my PhotoSpring device, and I just ordered one for my 91-year-old mother. This little wonder creates a slide show on a loop – of every photo you simply email to it’s specific account. It works on Wifi, and can also handle short videos (with sound). It’s easy to send photos right out of Facebook or any social media platform. Photos can be sorted into albums. Anyone can send a photo also – adding a nice surprise for the lucky recipient. Once it is set up on wifi, it’s ready to enjoy.

  4. My mother in law is an avid

    My mother in law is an avid Photo sharer. Although she is active on facebook and whatsapp of the world and shares photos, she has consistently over the years sent cards with photos that are relevant for the receover. For example, if we had a trip wth a family, she would make a photo collage, birthdays would get selfie photos. It is a blessing to have "Walgreens" around. she knows how to send to print, collects it and sends it. All she needs is stamps 🙂 and a heart full of fun!