Virtual Visits @ Passavant

Lutheran SeniorLife, like other senior living communities, needed to quarantine to protect our residents during the COVID pandemic. We needed to develop more creative strategies for connecting our residents and their loved ones. Here is what we did.

Window visits became popular and virtual visits exploded. Residents who may have been reluctant to rely on technology looked forward to each ‘visit’ with family and friends.

We were very fortunate to receive several iPads as gifts and donations to be used for these special visits. In order to keep things simple for staff we asked that all families using iPhones communicate via Face Time. For all others we requested that they set up accounts with Google Duo. Various staff members facilitated the prescheduled meeting.

We’ve learned a lot and had the privilege of facilitating these happy meetings for several months. With this new knowledge we looked at innovative and creative ways to include residents in both special moments and everyday happenings that they may not be able to physically attend with family and friends.

Below is a list of activities or occasions your special senior may enjoy virtually, with a little bit of planning you have the opportunity to create a special day for them and a special memory for all involved.


Out of the area family members

Many residents continue to have family members that live in other areas, we can continue to facilitate visits with family unable to visit regularly.


Special moments

There are many opportunities to include residents in special family events utilizing a virtual visit:

  • Birthdays
  • Christenings
  • Showers
  • Weddings
  • Family reunions
  • First day of school
  • Recitals
  • Concerts
  • Holidays



Residents can virtually visit family while:

  • On vacation
  • Touring a new home
  • Visiting an old home
  • Taking a boat ride
  • Visiting a park
  • Attending a sporting event


Attending meaningful activities

  • Residents can attend clubs and organizations that had meaning to them:
  • Bible study
  • Book clubs
  • Worship services/organizations
  • Crafting groups
  • Veteran’s groups


1 thought on “Virtual Visits @ Passavant”

  1. Thank you for the description

    Thank you for the description of how you are offering Facetime & Google Duo for your residents.

    Are they able to use your Wi-Fi or are they restricted to their own cell phone plan?

    If using your Wi-Fi, are there any limits on data use/time limits or any restriction on connecting such as going to a web page to agree to terms & conditions?

    Have you considered letting residents' families set up Amazon Echo Show devices so that they don't even need to handle an iPad or Android tablet?

    Here is a setup article I wrote (here on Tech-enhanced Life) that may interest their families: How to set up Alexa Calling for a Loved One.