Remote Control for the Smoke Alarm

If you, or your remote loved one, is capable of handling a mobile phone app under stressful conditions, some smoke alarm providers such as Nest allow you to use the app to silence it.

IF… you can find your phone, unlock it, and open the app all during this stressful time.

Smart Plug with Auto Shutoff

Isn’t there a simple solution using a smart plug with Alexa to turn the plug off after a fixed time? Yes, and this describes how to set it up.

Smart Thermostat, Dementia or Poor Vision

Smart Thermostat, Dementia or Poor Vision

I needed a smart thermostat to help overcome problems of an elderly relative with dementia and low vision. I ended up creating a solution that combined a commercially available thermostat with some DIY automation using Alexa.

Auto Shut Off Faucet and Leak Sensor

Auto Shut Off Faucet and Leak Sensor

I was worried about water leaks and about forgetting to turn off the water, so I installed an auto shut off faucet and a water leak sensor. Here is how to do it.

Time of Day for Dementia Patient – Alexa Skill

I have created an Alexa skill called “My Clock” that is designed to help people with dementia who suffer from time “confusion”. And also to help caregivers who get exhausted from answering repeated questions about “what time is it”?

Control a TV with Voice or Pre-programmed Buttons

I found I needed different solutions, depending on exactly what problem the older adult in question had. 

Below, I describe three solutions — starting with a simple voice command to set the TV to a specific program; and escalating to special pre-programmed buttons that can be positioned near the TV and which, when pressed, automatically start the desired program.

Find TV Remote with “Tile”

There are three approaches to finding a TV remote using the Tile App. One uses an App on your phone. The second uses a “Voice Assistant” to interact with the Tile App. And the third uses a “button” to interact with the Tile App via Google assistant.