Auto Shut Off Faucet and Leak Sensor

By:  Frank Engelman   |  Posted: August 6, 2021   |  Updated: April 18, 2023

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The Problem to be Solved

Forget to Turn Water Off

Forget to Turn Water Off

As people grow older they often become somewhat forgetful. We start to worry about questions like “Did I leave the water running?” How do we make it so these sorts of questions are not things that we need to worry about?

Solution Details

I was worried about water leaks and about forgetting to turn off the water, so I installed an auto shut off faucet and a water leak sensor. Here is how to do it.

Who left that water running?

A touchless faucet in the kitchen is not only convenient, especially if your hands are dirty, but also includes an automatic shutoff for those who may be forgetful and leave the faucet running.

Since it was time to replace my old faucet, I thought it would be a great time to upgrade to a faucet with ease of use and handling the problem of forgetting to turn it off.


Caption: touchless faucet


Unfortunately, my kitchen faucet had a pull-out-type sprayer on the regular faucet versus a stand-alone sprayer so I couldn’t use a screw on adapter as I did in the bathroom. [See our article on the Smart Bathroom for the screw-on touchless faucet.]

The hardest part of installing a complete faucet is removing the old unit. Mine required a special tool that looked a lot like the old spark plug wrenches and it’s really no fun getting under the sink especially if it’s cramped with a garbage disposal.



Water Leak Sensor

Hey, there are puddles under my kitchen cabinet!

Other than convenience, I needed to replace my faucet due to unnoticed water leaks which brings me up to my next feature, water leak sensors.

I suggest you add them around all sinks and appliances that have a water connection. In the Smart Kitchen Kit List you will find one that can be used to send a verbal message through Alexa if a leak is detected and also a notification to a family caregiver. I show two models in the kit.


Caption:  leak sensor


The first type contains a long water-sensitive cable that is useful if you have a large area to cover or need to slide it under an appliance. The second type is easier to place in an area of “known leaks” such as under a drainpipe.


Leak Sensors: Useful Everywhere

Although the water leak sensor was only used under the kitchen sink in this “kitchen focused” article, I suggest you add water leak sensors under the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, bathroom and near the water heater. I have family members who have experienced expensive floor repairs due to leaking appliances.




Sink Minder Feature

The Sink Minder Feature is designed to alert you if and when there is a water leak.


To Implement the Sink Minder Feature:

  • Add routines for leak sensor from YoLink

See a “sample” Alexa routine for this in the Smart Kitchen Kit List (Sink Minder Kit List section).



Caption: Sample Routine




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