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Getting around. Assistive devices such as walkers or canes.

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Analysis & Exploration: Mobility

Earlier this month we invited the inventor of a new type of walker to come along to one of the Longevity Collective circle meetings and show the older adults members of our circle the prototype of her invention and get their feedback. It was pretty interesting. This article is about the... .........Read more



Pokémon Go is a new App (Game) has taken the world by storm. This article suggests it could be a great Game for Seniors, helping to encourage healthy exercise. The article (plus video) explains what Pokemon Go is, and how one plays it. .........Read more



This is an article about canes that have modern improvements and look modern. If you use a cane, you will want to read this. .........Read more



Most seniors understand that active lifestyle habits have a significant influence on the quality of life in later decades. Chronic diseases of the neurological, cardio-vascular and endocrine systems can often be delayed or potentially avoided altogether by consistent exercise routines and... .........Read more



Explorer Discussions: Mobility

Explorer Kai tells the group why the Volaris rollator-type walker attracted his attention, and why he chose the Volaris brand to meet his needs. .........Read more
The explorers at SF Village talk about fall prevention products they use. There is a long list. Then the discussion shiftss to what, if anything, is wrong with these products. .........Read more
Explorer Rosalie brings a sample of an item that she highly recommends as an aid for getting into or out of an automobile. .........Read more
Explorer Arthur reports on reading an article about a glove designed to cancel hand tremors by integrating a gyroscope. .........Read more

A circle member presents a helpful summary of his gleanings from his research for an ambulation assistive device. The group gained insights into the differences between a walker and a rollator, and many more useful tips for choosing, including: .........Read more

This circle discusses their use of activity tracking devices to monitor and quantify their levels of acitivity. The group discuss the different approaches each of them has to tracking, and why they do it in the first place. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Mobility (shared by our Explorers)

Skylink Door Opener
The Skylink DM-100 Swing Door Opener is intended to facilitate opening and closing entry doors as well as interior doors for persons with physical limitations that make doors difficult to open or close.
IndeeLift, lifts
The IndeeLift device is a portable lift designed to help a fallen person from a sitting position to their feet with or without help.
Stair Climbing Cart with Seat
The "Stair Climbing Rolling Shopping Multipurpose Laundry Utility Cart with Seat" by Nicely Neat is a cart that is built to negotiate stairs. It tries to solve the problem of how to get the shopping or laundry up or down stairs safely.
Alinker mobility aid
The Alinker as a mobility aid is the result of a design process focused on the desired functional outcome, rather than design built around the requirements of the physical disability.
Folding cane seat
This folding aluminum cane with sling style seat can be used as a quad cane when folded, or a sling-type seat for a rest.
GyroGear, tremor stabilizing glove
GyroGear has developed a glove that incorporates a gyroscope intended to cancel hand tremors.
Rotoflex rotating bed
The Rotoflex bed is designed to take the heavy lifting out of transferring a person into and out of bed.
swivel seat cushion, car mobility aids
The swivel seat cushion (from drive medical) assists turning when entering or leaving a vehicle or other stationary seating.
CaneTUBE, cane holder
CaneTUBE is a cylindrical cane holder which attaches to the side bar of a walker or wheelchair for safe and handy storage of a walking cane ready for use.


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