Timer Based Gas Control

By:  Jim Schrempp   |  Posted: May 2, 2014   |  Updated: April 19, 2023

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The Problem to be Solved

Forget to Turn the Stove Off

Forget to Turn the Stove Off

Once or twice a month I leave the stove on after fixing breakfast. Most of the time I realize that I have left the stove on but it may be an hour or two after breakfast. I worry about what might happen as a result of this forgetfulness.

Solution Details

I envision a gas burner control that has a “turn timer” like you might find on a bathroom heat lamp. The dial has some internal spring activated timer. Advancing the control winds the timer. As time passes the timer winds down and eventually returns to the Off position. How long the timer stays in the On position depends on how far you have turned the knob.

A normal gas burner control turns the gas On/Off and also adjusts how large the flame will be. In my invention the gas will come on to a set amount. Perhaps this amount is set with a screw or another, smaller knob on the control. The idea is that the flame height will not be adjusted very often.

A person approaches the stove. If they want to use the auto-off feature then they select a burner that has the new control. They advance the control all the way clock-wise and the burner starts. The burner will remain on for 10 minutes and then automatically turn off. If the user wants the burner to be on longer, then they will have to return to the stove with the 10 minute window and advance the timer control clock-wise again.

This new burner control is an exact replacement for an existing burner control. Installation is easy. It would be possible to replace all the burner controls with these new controls.

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