Forget to Turn the Stove Off

By:  earlgpowell   |  Posted: May 1, 2014   |  Updated: April 18, 2023

Problem Description


The problem

Once or twice a month I leave the stove on after fixing breakfast. Most of the time I realize that I have left the stove on but it may be an hour or two after breakfast. I worry about what might happen as a result of this forgetfulness.

I worry I will burn my house down!


Who has the problem?

I would suspect that this problem is not limited to Baby Boomers and other seniors. However, I would think that the older you get the more likely it is to be a problem. It didn’t become a problem for me until the last couple of years. I am 65.


What are their aspirations (relating to this problem)?

I want to find some kind of accommodation to the problem of leaving the stove on that will allow me to stay in my home, hopefully for ever.



I will use me as an example to provide context for the problem. I fix breakfast every morning at 6:00 AM. We, my wife and I have the same breakfast everyday, never varies. This makes it very easy to establish and maintain a rigid routine.


Background details

My fear is more than just the obvious one such as burning the house down. I am thinking ahead when maybe my wife is no longer around and my daughter come by my home and tells me, “Dad you can’t stay here in your home any more because you leave the stove on and forget to take your pills”.


Hear this problem discussed below

from Aging in Place Technologies: Co-creating the Future of Aging Meetup, April 16, 2014.

The group discussed this idea, as well as some possible “solutions”.

2 thoughts on “Forget to Turn the Stove Off”

  1. I recently purchased an
    I recently purchased an induction range to replace my previous electric smooth-top range with radiant cooking elements.

    The induction burners require a steel or iron pan to be on the element before they will begin heating the pan. Because the pan is being heated by induction, the stovetop remains cool, if the pan is taken off the element, an alarm sounds and after 30 seconds, the element shuts down. As the pan is heated directly, there should s no chance for ignition of vapors such as would produce a grease fire.

    It took about a week to get accustomed to using the induction cooktop, but the precision temperature control is terrific.

    Checking Best Buy, these ranges start at around $1,000 and gonup in price depending on the features desired.

    This not an inexpensive solution, however with greater acceptance and implementation of this technology, prices are coming down.