Parent Keeps "Losing" Their Phone?

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: September 17, 2021.


Problem description

Your loved one is frequently misplacing their smartphone while at home.

Many people misplace their phones, but if your loved one has mobility issues or cognitive decline, it’s even more frequent. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your loved one a solution?

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This is part of a series of "Problems" and DIY Technology "Solutions" to the challenges faced by older adults, by Frank Engelman. 



Suggested Solutions

Flic Bluetooth Button to Find Phone

An easy way to do this is to use a Flic Bluetooth button.

Mount the button in a place your loved one can’t lose it. How about the fridge?





from Guitargal (member) at September 19, 2020

My friend with dementia is homebound and kept losing her cell phone.  She has a caregiver who spent a lot of time searching for the phone as Mary continually misplaced it. I put a Flic button in an upper corner of one of the kitchen cabinets and  I installed the Flic app on Mary's smartphone. I chose the sound of a car horn and I recorded the message, "Mary, here's your phone" to play every time the Flic button was pressed. Although Mary never used the Flic button to find her phone her caregiver  used it frequently and loved it.



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