Needed a Large Clock Due to Vision Loss

Day Clock App

A number of my relatives need a “special” clock, for a variety of reasons. I set out to find them one, but both the physical and app versions I found fell short of what we needed in various ways. So, … I developed a special “Time Clock App”. The Need for a Special Clock My … Read more

Reading Light for Vision Problems

A chairside floor lamp with a long adjustable gooseneck including a handheld remote with brightness and warmness for bright white to warm yellow light is a good solution for reading when you have vision imperfections.

Amazon Online Grocery Shopping with VoiceView

Amazon has developed a simplified grocery shopping system that works very well with their Echo Show devices with a built-in touch screen. I wanted to see if it would work for people with poor vision. The results were good.

Online Grocery Delivery for those with Low Vision

Online Grocery Delivery for those with Low Vision

You are experiencing problems ordering groceries online from apps that are not designed for a person who is blind or has low vision. Even when you tried screen readers such as Apple VoiceOver, you found that using it to read entire web pages designed for sighted persons very frustrating.

Low Vision Products: Older Adults Explore

low vision products for seniors

  The community of Longevity Explorers are exploring different “low vision products” to see which ones help in various situations, and to share products individual explorers have used and wish to recommend.   Ever have difficulty reading menus in a dim restaurant, or the fine print on a pill bottle?   Or maybe you or a … Read more

Vision Gadgets: Share What You Use

Do you use any vision gadgets — like magnifiers, special lighting, or apps that help see things in various situations? The Longevity Explorers are exploring vision gadgets. We are interested in the inputs of the broader Tech-enhanced Life community too. Share what you use. Join the discussion.   Add Your Vision Gadget Opinions Are you … Read more

Personal Display Devices – Why do we even NEED Reading Glasses?

So, it occurs to me to wonder… With so many people experiencing presbyopia as we age, why can't our personal reading devices (smart phones, tablets, computer monitors, kindles) adjust for that? Just imagine the time saved and frustation averted seeking those misplaced reading glasses, especially for those of us who now enjoy perfect distance vision … Read more

Vision Problems: TV Action When Not Talking

Vision Problems: TV Action When Not Talking

Since my Mom’s vision is failing, she has a hard time understanding what is happening in a TV show when the actors are not speaking, In some shows there are long dramatic pauses or just action noises.


Vision Tools

  This is the topic hub where we collect the results of our explorations and research relating to vision. The theme is seeking tools and gadgets that can postpone the time at which vision issues get in the way of living life.   As we grow older, vision deteriorates. It starts with needing reading glasses (presbyopia) … Read more