Low Vision Aids, Adaptations, Resources

Low Vision Aids

Learn about Low Vision Aids & Adaptations in this detailed overview by Dr Marlena Chu. For people with low vision, these tools can make a big difference to the ability to live independently, and to quality of life.

Low Vision App Overview

Low Vision Apps for iPhone and Android

Here is an overview of useful Apps for people with Low Vision. This is a companion piece to the article by Marlena Chu from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry on Low Vision Aids. It includes Apps for the iPhone and for Android devices. This overview was collated by Ashley Katsikos, OD, and updated by Marlena Chu, OD. … Read more

Improving Cinema Experience for the Vision Impaired

girl with popcorn covering her eyes with her hand

I recently became aware of an entire ecosystem of services to help people with all levels of vision impairment enjoy movies. These services provide an audio description of the visual scene. It’s a bit like subtitles, but for the blind. Of course these services can help those with other vision impairments as well. This article explains how this all works.

Lighted Magnifier: Read menus in dim light

Menu Reader: Hands Free LED Magnifing Pendant

Reading under poor lighting conditions is a common problem, not only for reading menus, but also for reading in bed, or seeing small type in a poorly lit space. What is needed is some type of lighted magnifier. There are four categories of solutions for this common problem. The pro’s and con’s of each solution are detailed below, as well as in the individual product listings we link to.