Seeking Help for an Electric-Assist Wheelchair

I am caregiver for a person with both Alzheimer's and COPD. Her mobility is very limited and requires transport in a wheelchair. She is presently using an electric -powered chair, but sometimes shows poor judgement when encountring other people or obstacles. I anticipate a time when she will not be able to properly control this … Read more

Review of the Trionic Veloped

It was on this site that I first learned about the Trionic Veloped, suggested as a rollator that could go anywhere off-road outdoors, but not reviewed. I’m 70 years of age and had a back injury 6 years ago that affects the nerves in my left leg, making it painful when I walk on it.  The nerve … Read more

Mobility Tech: Share Your Insights or Questions

Do you (or someone you care about) use any mobility tech — like cars, or bicycles? Or canes, walkers, or rollators?  The Longevity Explorers are exploring mobility tech. We are interested in the inputs of the broader Tech-enhanced Life community too. Share what you know. Join the discussion.   Mobility Tech: What Is It? Mobility Tech … Read more

Transportation & Mobility Tech

Transportation and Mobility Tech

  Being free to get from one place to another when you want is a very important ingredient of an independent life. But it becomes harder as you get older — and either can’t (or don’t want to) drive anymore, or can’t walk as far as you used to. We are exploring solutions to these challenges. This … Read more

Getting In and Out of Cars: Gadgets that Help

swivel car seat exploration

  Our explorers have been trying out various gadgets that let them get in and out of cars more easily. So far we have focused on two types of products. The first is a swivel car seat, and the second is a sort of extra “car handle for the elderly”. The swivel car seat is designed … Read more

Best Lighted Cane

Cane with light: Older adult explorers testing lighted canes

  Our circles of older adults have had a number of discussions in which a walking cane with a light surfaced as a good idea. Our Explorers thought a highly visible cane, with a light to help avoid hazards, could help make getting out at night safer. Together, we found some interesting looking lighted canes online, purchased a … Read more

Best Rollator (Walker): Older Adults Explore

Video presentation: what features matter in a rollator (walker)?

  When your parent, or friend, (or you) starts looking a bit shaky when they walk, what do you do?   Some type of cane is an obvious first step. But what if that does not work, or they don’t like it? Is a walker or rollator the solution? And is there such a thing … Read more

Inventor Road Trip

Podna on tour

Earlier this month we invited the inventor of a new type of walker to come along to one of the Longevity Collective circle meetings and show the older adults members of our circle the prototype of her invention and get their feedback. It was pretty interesting. This article is about the experience.

Needed Walker Improvements: More Functionality and Customization

Person using a walker, photo source:  walker with tennis balls istockphoto 00001924470

Walkers are a life-saver for many people. They help older adults avoid falls and keep their independence. They also help patients in the hospitals who are recovering from surgeries or illnesses. They fill a need and many probably don’t think to examine the walker any further. However there hasn’t been much innovation in the walker arena in many years. The basic design has changed little and there is definitely room for improvement.