Brain Training: How Real are the Benefits?

Brain Training Benefits

As part of our search for a brain check engine light, we started evaluating a specific brain training product (BrainHQ) that has the ability to both measure aspects of brain function, and potentially “train” and improve them. In this second part of our report on Longevity Explorers using BrainHQ (Ref 1), we look at what … Read more

Needed a Large Clock Due to Vision Loss

Day Clock App

A number of my relatives need a “special” clock, for a variety of reasons. I set out to find them one, but both the physical and app versions I found fell short of what we needed in various ways. So, … I developed a special “Time Clock App”. The Need for a Special Clock My … Read more

Dementia Bed Minder

This solution notes when a person with dementia gets out of bed, and can guide the person to the bathroom, remind them to return to bed if they stay up longer than desired, and alert a caregiver if they stay up too long, but avoid unnecessary alerts if the activity is within parameters set by the caregiver.

Nocturnal Wandering by Dementia Patient

Nocturnal Wandering by Dementia Patient

For those of us caring for a loved one with dementia, nocturnal bed exits can be an overwhelming problem. The problem gets even worse if the person with dementia leaves the house at night without anyone knowing.

Ideas for Music Source for Memory Care Person

Thanks always for the newsletter which I find very interesting. My husband now lives at the Memory care unit at the CCRC where I live. He loves classic music but that’s one kind of music they do not play in that section of the CCRC. My hope is to provide the classic music in his … Read more

Daily Family Remembrance Video

Daily Family Remembrance Video

My Mom has advanced dementia and I’m worried that she is starting to forget me.

I’ve been looking for a way to automatically play a “remembrance video” for dementia sufferers to help them remember their family members. Here is a solution that use the Echo Show and can be set up to operate automatically without needing a caregiver to operate it.

Dementia: Not Recognizing Spouse or Family

Dementia: Not Recognizing Spouse or Family

An especially upsetting symptom of the later stages of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia is when the person with dementia does not recognize a spouse or other family member any more.

We are seeking solutions that can help put off the time at which these symptoms start to manifest themselves.

Robotic Pets for Dementia Patients: Our Experiences

Robotic Pets ready for patients

Caption: Memory Care Unit Robotic Pet Menagerie   Wondering if “Robotic Pets for Seniors” are a good idea? Here is a real world report of the author’s experience deploying robotic pets for dementia patients in an assisted living and memory care facility in San Francisco (Rhoda Goldman Plaza). Read on to learn how they were used, what the reactions … Read more

Dementia & Cognition Tech: Join the Discussion

Our explorers are discussing tech to help care for people with cognition issues. Join the discussion. Share your insights in the comments. Do you have experience with a useful product, or a "problem that needs solving" — relating to dementia or mild cognitive impairment? We are interested in exploring ways to improve the quality of life … Read more

Theora Care, Theora Connect

Theora Connect watch

The Theora Connect is a smartwatch designed to be used by older adults — especially those with mild cognitive impairment or dementia.