Nocturnal Wandering by Dementia Patient

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: December 02, 2021.


Problem description

For those of us caring for a loved one with dementia, nocturnal bed exits can be an overwhelming problem.

We want a solution that notes when a person exits their bed, and can help a caregiver respond appropriately, without creating unnecessary caregiver actions or stress.

In particular, we want something beyond a product that just sends the caregiver "alerts" whenever a person exits the bed.

Excessive alerts keep the caregiver stressed and prevent sleep. There needs to be a way that the caregiver gets alerts only when "action is required".

Ideally, we also want to have a way of discouraging the person with dementia from opening the front door and leaving the house.

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Suggested Solutions

Dementia Door Minder

The Dementia Door Minder is a solution to the problem that arises when a person with dementia gets up at night, leaves the house, and wanders off.


Dementia Bed Minder

This solution notes when a person with dementia gets out of bed, and can guide the person to the bathroom, remind them to return to bed if they stay up longer than desired, and alert a caregiver if they stay up too long, but avoid unnecessary alerts if the activity is within parameters set by the caregiver.



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