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Discussions from our Longevity Explorers typically fall into two categories. Discussions we think will be useful for older adults and their family. These can be listened to by anyone who registers as a member of this website (free).   Discussions that are focused on the needs of developers of new products and services for older adults. This content requires … Read more

Media Mentions

Below are articles, or radio shows or podcasts, about, or partly about Tech-enhanced Life or the Longevity Explorers.   Retirees and Smart Homes Kiplinger.com All Home Care Matters interviews Dr. Caro All Home Care Matters The Longevity Explorers: How older adults are finally influencing the products designed for them Considerable. Why are Products for Older … Read more

Proof-points for Investors & Managers


Raise capital more easily with proof-points The proof-points that come from interacting with the Longevity Explorers can provide valuable third-party validation of problem-solution fit, and of the enthusiasm of potential customers. When it is time to attract support and funding for the next stage of development, these are incredibly valuable pieces of collateral.   What … Read more

Customer Interaction with Older Adults

  Iterate faster to products seniors want Don’t waste time and money developing the wrong thing. With the help of the Longevity Explorer community of older adults and our analyst team you can: explore and research unmet needs; get help critiquing product concepts and evaluating prototypes; and get ongoing rapid feedback as you iterate toward problem-solution … Read more

Longevity Explorer Membership

Longevity Explorers who are regular attendees at any of our explorer circles are eligible for a free Longevity Explorer membership of this website, which lets you look at any and all content on the website, including premium content and research. If you are a Longevity Explorer and you find there is some content you are … Read more

Services: for Companies & Entrepreneurs

Tech-enhanced Life service categories

Tech-enhanced Life and the Longevity Explorers can help you develop better products and services for older adults. Products that actually solve real problems that people like us have. We can also help with two other challenges that face many companies in the Longevity Economy:

  • Reaching the target audience; and
  • Raising the next round of funding for the project or venture.

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