Proof-points for Investors & Managers

Raise capital more easily with proof-points

The proof-points that come from interacting with the Longevity Explorers can provide valuable third-party validation of problem-solution fit, and of the enthusiasm of potential customers.

When it is time to attract support and funding for the next stage of development, these are incredibly valuable pieces of collateral.


What are Proof-point Interactions?

Our Learning Interactions (Customer Interactions with Older Adults) are designed to help you and your team learn what you need to know to make the right decisions to develop a super successful product.

At certain stages in the development process it becomes important to have some “proof-points” to share with others outside your design team. Obvious examples are managers and investors.

Proof-points are things you can use to demonstrate things like:

  • older adults really do like the concept we came up with;
  • here is how older adults think about this specific unmet need;
  • older adults tested out our prototype and had the following good (or bad) things to say.

A good proof-point is based on very similar customer interactions to the ones you learn from. But sometimes they need to be more focused on “proving something”, and sometimes they need to be documented differently. 

We find each situation needs a different proof-point, and so we like to work collaboratively with each company to decide what makes the most sense.