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I love your clock skill!  I'll be adding it to Dad's echo's soon.  

I set one Echo up for him on Christmas Eve and he is using it but he was having a LOT of trouble hearing and understanding Alexa.  I slowed her speech down and also went in to the equalizer and turned the bass and mids down to nothing and the treble up as high it would go. That helped a lot but he still has some problems.  I even made her Canadian!  Of course new hearing aids would be the best solution!

I've already used the reminder feature to tell him about the football game and remind (more than once) to call his cousin.  He doesn't quite get the "calling from Alexa" thing yet but I'm going to visit tomorrow and we'll go over it.

One problem - I had him on my "household" but had to remove him because we ended up sharing a shopping list.  Unfortunately, when I did that I couldn't use Drop in because, apparently, I disabled it on his cell phone and I think I need to go in to the app on that device to make it work.  Of course, I can still drop in by signing in to his account on my tablet but I wonder if people using a Google number have a problem with drop in. 

All in all, using his account on my tablet is the best solution to almost any problem since the app has a lot more features than the website on the computer.