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Hello Jane,

As you discovered, drop-in on a Fire TV Cube is handled differently than on an Echo Show. On an Echo Show, the camera defaults to ON after a short period of blurring. This is a great feature for loved ones who are unable to answer a regular Alexa Call

However, on the Fire TV Cube with a USB camera setup for Alexa Calling, the camera defaults to off which means the loved one must turn it on, defeating the feature.

I realize that asking your dad to pick up the remote and select "video on" is too difficult. If you think he could handle a button to activate the camera, you could implement the Alexa Calling setup in this article. Please note that this requires putting an Echo Dot near his Fire TV Cube to speak the commands.

If you would rather implement a drop-in solution to get his camera turned on, here is a way to do that. This is a complicated solution as it requires an Echo Dot on your DAD’s account near his Fire TV Cube to speak the command to his Fire TV Cube and an Echo Dot at YOUR house on your DAD’s account to run the Alexa Routine.

  1. Add an Echo Dot on your DAD’s account near HIS Fire TV Cube
  2. Add an Echo Dot on your DAD’s account in YOUR home
    1. This will work even though it’s on your Wi-Fi, not his.
    2. I suggest changing the wake word so that you don’t activate it by mistake
  3. Create an Alexa Routine
    1. Triggered by your voice command
    2. Alexa speaks “Alexa, turn on video” to your DAD’S Echo Dot

After you drop in on your dad’s Fire TV Cube, you will then say the above voice command to the Echo Dot in your house that is on your dad’s account. This will run the Alexa Routine causing the Echo Dot at his location to speak “Alexa, turn on video” to the Fire TV Cube which will turn on his video camera.