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Hello Tim,

I know this is a bit confusing on a Fire TV Cube, but the “Live TV” icon you may see under Settings in-between “Equipment Control” and “Controllers…” is really for Internet-based TV, not Over the Air OTA TV

On your Fire TV

  • Tap Settings- Equipment Control
  • Tap Manage Equipment
  • If you don’t see a “Live TV” or “Antenna”
    • Tap Add Equipment
    • Add Live TV and complete the OTA setup
    • If you don’t see these options- update your software
  • If you already have “Live TV” or “Antenna”
    • Try these Alexa commands:
      • “Tune to 3” and Alexa should say back “Tuning to 3”
      • “Tune to channel 31” and Alexa should say back “Tuning to 31”
    • If that doesn’t work, then try adding “on TV” or “on antenna” to the Alexa command
      • If it still doesn’t work, try saying this first
        • “Switch to Live TV”
          • OR
        • “Switch to Antenna”