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An Internet Enabled Life

Having used technology all my working life, and now being retired, I notice that many of my peers are missing out on some of the benefits that come with appropriate use of the latest technology.

Computers and Me, Since 1968!

Unlike many of my age peers, I have been using computers since before they became small enough to become the popular tools that took us from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age. Now that I am retired they are still an essential part of my life. Here is a brief history of my life using computers, highlighting some of the ways they have made my life more interesting and enriching.

My Background:

Retired Navy Captain, psychologist, NIH scientist, retiree.  In 2012, we retired to Happilyeverafter on the Central Florida beach.  I spent the bulk of my career in the DC Metro area but I lived in Ft. Worth 7 years as a student, lab manager, and med school academic, another 7 managing a lab in Oklahoma City for the FAA while also doing studies for the Pentagon and the White House, before moving to the National Institutes of Health.

My spouse and I spend 3 months out of the year at our house in Bulgaria which enables us to keep in touch with our many friends throughout the EU.

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