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Mobile Phone Update

Mobile Phone Update: Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Z Flip 3

Here are my experiences with two mobile phones I have used over the last 6 months. From my perspective (a tech-savvy older adult), one was really bad. The other was "OK", but definitely not "for everyone". Read about my experiences below.

Scams and Seniors

Scams & Older Adults: What to Do?

This series focuses on helping readers of all generations learn the fundamentals of scams, what scammers are after, how they use mail, email, mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers to steal your identity, your money, and even the Internet bandwidth you pay for every month to access the internet.

Elderly Scams: Taking Control

Elderly Scams: When You Need to Take Control

What to do when a parent shows signs of falling for “scams” — and seems unable to take the appropriate actions to avoid them? While it is often appropriate to let older adults worry about their own “scam-proofing”, there are some situations in which an intervention is appropriate.

How Scams Work

How Scams Work (with Examples)

Learn how scams work, with examples. Because, the best protection against exploitation by scammers comes from having a general understanding of how people try to con the elderly into sending/wiring them money or worse, giving them the electronic keys to their financial kingdom.

How to Avoid Scams

How to Avoid Scams and Defend Against Them

Here are some very specific actions you can take to avoid the sort of scams that impact older adults. This article also includes some easy-to-follow “spam avoidance rules”.

Surf the Web

Surf the Web Like a Pro

There is an infinite cache of brilliant essays, news articles, scientific reports, and books available on the Internet, but you cannot access much of it without giving the website owners something of value in return, unless you master a few simple “surfing techniques”.

Internet Feeds: How to Set Them Up & Use Them

This page contains some detailed instructions for how to set up Internet feeds so they stream useful articles and other content to the home page of your browser — so you don’t have to go searching for them.

This continues the article “Surf the Web Like a Pro“, in which you can read more — including what exactly “Feeds” are and why you might want them, and is part of the series “An Internet Enabled Life“.

browser extensions

My Favorite Browser Extensions

I find having the right “Browser Extensions” installed on my browser makes a huge different to how easily I can surf the web, and avoid popups and paywalls, and find what I want to read easily and quickly.

Here is the list of my personal “Favorite Browser Extensions”.


Magic Carpet Apps

Magic Carpet Apps for That

As I mentioned in the introduction to “My Internet Enabled Life, you can see the world while sitting at your PC in your own house or apartment. Here is a list of websites that offer an amazing assortment of places to visit, theater performances to watch, TV series, and movies.


The Email

For as long as I can remember, my late mom, who passed away at 96, used to call the PC that sat on their desk “The Email.” This segment of “My Internet enabled Life” talks about “The Email”.

www and the internet

The Internet

This segment of “My Internet Enabled Life” talks about the evolution of the Internet and about how it works.

How to find Whatsername

How to Find “Whatsername” After All These Years?

Peter Paul and Mary had a hit single decades ago called “Whats-her-name.” The chorus goes: “I wonder whatever happened to whatshername.” Your PC might help you find not only whatshername, but also whatshisname too. Here is how to do it.


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