Kitchen and Night Safety for Father-in-law: Smarthome Experiments

Smarthome safe examples

  I wanted to deploy some smarthome solutions to help my father-in-law who has some physical and cognitive decline.   I started with a kitchen safety solution (stove timer), and a night safety solution (lighting). This article explains what I did and why, and how you can do it too.     My Life Situation: … Read more

Amazon Online Grocery Shopping with VoiceView

Amazon has developed a simplified grocery shopping system that works very well with their Echo Show devices with a built-in touch screen. I wanted to see if it would work for people with poor vision. The results were good.

Seminars: Technology for Aging in Place

If you are looking for the Seminars on Technologies for Aging in Place, here they are: Seminar Series: Technologies for Aging in Place The Goal of these seminars: Help older adults, their families, and caregivers understand what products and services exactly to deploy to help them live the way they want for as long as possible — … Read more

Seminar Series: Technologies for Aging in Place. Semester 1

Technologies for Aging in Place

    Which products and services can help an older adult live independently, and with autonomy, as long as possible?   Together with a community of older adults called the Longevity Explorers, Tech-enhanced Life has spent the last 8 years exploring the intersection of aging and technology, and evaluating a wide range of products and services … Read more

Smart Living Room Features for Older Adults

Smart Living Room

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash   As part of our “Smart Home Features for Older Adults” series, we are sharing some specific recipes and “kit lists” for individual smart home features — organized on a “room by room” basis. This is about the smart living room.   Overview This article covers several smart living room features that … Read more

Retirement Community vs “At Home”

Five years ago, when I started research on staying in our large home vs. a retirement community, I lost my appetite quickly about my wife & I staying in our home. I lost interest because: 1. I found local programs to take us to doctors & get nursing help at home as needed, but none … Read more

Parent Continually Fiddling with Thermostat

Parent Continually Fiddling with Thermostat

Is your loved one continually misadjusting their thermostat — potentially causing health and financial issues? I wanted a thermostat that would work for people with dementia or impaired vision, or who for other reasons have trouble managing their thermostat.