Solution: Lights Indicating Toilet Seat Position

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: August 28, 2020.


The Problem: Forgets to Put Toilet Seat Down

My brother-in-law forgets to put the toilet seat down causing my sister to almost fall in once during the night.... More about the Problem


Solution: Lights Indicating Toilet Seat Position

I created a solution that uses red and green lights to let you know if the toilet seat is up or down.

This solution is easy to implement.

It uses a product called the NuFlush Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light (see this product on Amazon*).

After you receive it, do a "test mount" just holding in place before mounting with the tape as its hard to re-adjust.

toilet seat sensor


Toilet seat sensor

You may need another piece of tape here to ensure that the sensor is covered when the seat is in the "seat up" RED position.


Here is a YouTube Video illustrating this solution.

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from Candy Leonard (unverified) at May 27, 2021

Question: Wouldn't it be simpler if men just remembered to put the toilet seat down?

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