Indoor Camera That Looks Outside

By:  Frank Engelman   |  Posted: March 4, 2022   |  Updated: April 18, 2023

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The Problem to be Solved

Simple Way to Add Outdoor Security Camera

Simple Way to Add Outdoor Security Camera

I want a way to add an outdoor security camera to my house, without the bother of batteries, or running electricity outside.

Solution Details


Here is my solution… an indoor camera with a matching windowpane mount.

Wyze has just announced a version 3 camera with an indoor windowpane mount that solves the close-fit issue as well as allowing color night vision.


Here is a YouTube video of it detecting movement through the window glass


Caption- camera, power adapter and window mount


Caption- Special Wyze settings


Detailed Instructions

After creating your Wyze account and setting up the camera per their instructions, be sure to TURN OFF NIGHT VISION MODE or you will get reflections. Also, turn off the status light to prevent reflections.

I recommend using an SD card to get local recordings.

I also recommend removing the built-in stand as it can interfere with a tight fit against the window

Caption- using Alien tape to temporarily position the camera to find the best picture


Note, attach the Alien tape to the camera body, as it won’t stick well to the rubber mount.

After finding the right location, remove the Alien tape and use the 3M stickers in the Wyze Camera mount

Caption- day and color night images


Note how well this camera performs at night with just a limited amount of light

However, this indoor mount is not as flexible as an outdoor camera mount as you are stuck with a fixed view of the outside since you can’t adjust the camera angle.


Caption- Angled mount with camera


If you can’t find an acceptable view, there are 3-D printed windowpane camera mounts instructions (here) that offer an angle view. If you don’t have a 3D printer, see the one in the KitList

This camera integrates with Alexa to display images by saying, “Alexa, show the window camera”

As shown below, you can trigger an Alexa Routine on motion to show the camera by routing the Wyze motion detection through IFTTT and then forwarding that trigger to an Alexa Routine.

When using the optional paid subscription, the Wyze version 3 camera can detect a person, triggering an Alexa Routine.


Tips & Tricks

Please note that this Wyze camera has a built-in microphone that is listening INSIDE the house rather than a camera mounted OUTSIDE hearing outside noises. This means that it will be continually picking up in-home noises it hears when you are viewing the camera and could be annoying.

If your mom plans to use this as a full-time security camera on her smartphone or tablet, the Wyze mobile app provides a means to disable to speaker so that she won’t hear it. However, if she uses an Echo Show to full-time view the camera, there is no way to disable the sound except to turn ALL the volume down on the Echo Show. If this is a problem, here is a YouTube video from another creator on how to physically disconnect the microphone

Since you will have disabled the IR lights to stop them reflecting on the window pane, night vision will not be very good. However, with minimal outdoor lighting you will get true color vision

The angled 3-D printed mount does have a slight reflection in part of the image as its not flush against the window pane.



The Kit List

To find the exact products mentioned below, and see the routines mentioned, go to our kit list page:



Alexa Routines & Applet

Implementing this Solution requires some Alexa Routines and an Applet.

There are some screenshots below, and you can find the exact routines if you go to the Kit List.


Caption- person detection


Caption- Close the person detection after a delay



Caption- Camera motion detection


Caption- Close the camera motion detection after a delay


Caption: IFTTT Applet

The Kit List

To find the exact products mentioned below, and see the routines mentioned, go to our kit list page:




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