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Once a product has been selected by the Longevity Explorers for inclusion in the “Useful Products & Resources” database, the company behind the product may, if it wishes, create a “Showcase Section” in which the company highlights the features and benefits it feels are important for older adults and caregivers to appreciate.


The Showcase Section

Our basic “Product & Resource Listings” are fairly bare-bones. Our explorers summarize what they see as the essence of the product or service offering, but do not do hands-on evaluations or any type of in-depth review when they create the basic listing.

Some companies want to add additional information about “features and benefits” to the listing, and our readership also likes to see this additional information — so long as it is quite clear what material comes “from the company” and what comes “from Tech-enhanced Life and the Longevity Explorers”.

To address this, we have created a “Showcase” section on each listing, which can be claimed by the company and used to include whatever material they wish in that showcase area on the listing page. The “Showcase” section is clearly demarcated as being “from the company: sponsored“.


How to Get a Showcase Section for Your Product

If your product or resource already has a basic listing in our database — and you would like the listing to include more details, or some images, or an embedded video, or other useful material to help readers better understand the features and benefits, you can add a Showcase Section to the listing.

To add a Showcase to an existing listing, you simply purchase a Showcase Manager Subscription. Once you have done that, we will contact you directly with specific instructions about adding and editing your Showcase Section.

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Why Create a Showcase Section?

You already have a “Listing” in the Tech-enhanced Life, which means our readers will be exposed to the product. But they, and we, want the information they see to do justice to all the subtleties that don’t get included in the relatively brief “Listing” created by our explorers. That is where the “Showcase Section” comes in.


Who Sees the Listing & the Showcase Section?

The Listings database is searchable by visitors to Tech-enhanced Life, who are typically looking for products and resources they can use themselves or which they can recommend to older adult family members or friends. New listings and recently discussed listings also get mentioned in the monthly Tech-enhanced Life newsletter.


How Long Do a Listing and Showcase Section Remain Visible?

Once a basic listing has been created, it remains in our Useful Products & Resources database indefinitely, and there is no cost to maintain that basic listing. We remove listings only if we decide there is something wrong with the product, or if there is some other reason why it no longer fits our “useful, interesting and noteworthy” criteria.

In contrast, the “Showcase Section” requires a current Showcase Manager Subscription to continue to be included on the listing. Once that subscription lapses, the Showcase Section of the listing is no longer visible, and readers see only the “basic” listing.


What Can I Include in the Showcase Section?

Once you have a Showcase Manager Subscription, you get editorial control over the content of the Showcase section of the listing. You do NOT get editorial control over the contents of the basic listing itself.

A Showcase Section can be as long as you wish, and can include embedded images, embedded videos, and links to your website. The links are nofollow links, as is required for sponsored content.

We do reserve the right to assert ultimate editorial control over the content of the Showcase Section to ensure the content is “appropriate”. We don’t allow inappropriate language, or adult content, for example. And if your Showcase seems to us more like an advertisement for snake oil than a balanced and useful explanation of the features and benefits, we will tell you, and suggest you revise it.

If you have difficulty with editing the Showcase due to the imperfections of our user interface, we will help you.


How Often Can I Update the Showcase Section?

You have editorial control, and can update it whenever you wish, so long as you keep your “Showcase Manager Subscription” current.


What are the Costs?

  • There are no costs whatsoever to have a basic “listing”.
  • To have a Showcase Section added to a Listing, there is a fee.  The fee is in the form of a subscription that gives you the right to manage the Showcase and create content for it at any time. The subscription fee is called a Showcase Manager Subscription.
  • View Showcase Manager Subscription Pricing.


What Happens to my Showcase Section if I Cancel my Showcase Manager Subscription?

The Showcase Section will no longer be visible on the listing once the Showcase Manager Subscription is no longer active. After a period of time, at our sole discretion, we may delete the Showcase entirely.


What if I Don’t Have a Listing Yet?

If your product is not yet listed in the database of “Useful Products & Resources” shared by our Longevity Explorers, you are not eligible for a Showcase. Our Longevity Explorer community decides which products to add to our “Useful Products & Resources” database each month. If you think your product belongs in the database, and want to be sure we know about it, feel free to contact us.


How Do I Get Started?

To add a Showcase Section to an existing listing, you simply purchase a Showcase Manager Subscription. Once you have done that, we will contact you directly with specific instructions about adding and editing your Showcase Section.


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