Create a Showcase Section

  Once a product has been selected by the Longevity Explorers for inclusion in the “Useful Products & Resources” database, the company behind the product may, if it wishes, create a “Showcase Section” in which the company highlights the features and benefits it feels are important for older adults and caregivers to appreciate.   The … Read more

Increase Visibility Among Key Opinion Leaders

Visibility Many of the companies we meet are having trouble getting the word out to their target customers about their product.     Who are the Thought Leaders & Early Adopters? Before trying to mass market a product, it makes sense to start by impressing the thought leaders and early adopters in your target customer demographic. … Read more

Commission a “First Look” Evaluation

A “First Look” Evaluation involves a structured and facilitated interaction by a group of Longevity Explorers, who will interact with a product for a specific period of time in a group discussion setting and render their “first impressions”. This is designed to be a way to get a quick, and relatively inexpensive readout on “what real customers think” about your product or service.

Get Advice: How to Proceed

We are happy to chat about whatever you would like. If you would like to ask questions, or get a call scheduled with Dr. Caro to discuss whatever you are working on, go ahead and fill out the short set of questions, including your contact details, by clicking on the green button below. Fill out … Read more