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Hand Tremor Stabilizer Reported

Explorer Arthur reports on reading an article about a glove designed to cancel hand tremors by integrating a gyroscope.



Want to Silence the Smoke Alarm After it Goes Off

Smoke alarms are a wonderful security device, and we never expect to hear them, except when smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) is detected.

However, everyone I have talked to has had at least one incident when they double toasted the toast or fried something that made too much smoke… and the...



Automating Door Locks for My Parent

Explorer Frank wanted to turn a manual door lock into an automatic doorlock that could be opened with a person-specific code, and or controlled remotely. His reason was to be able to "check" that doors were indeed locked when they were supposed to be.

Other explorers wanted an automatic...



Connecting to Parent's WiFi

I want to be sure that the device I have configured for my loved one’s Wi-Fi will connect when they receive it. I can't go and set it up myself.



New Delivery Services: We Need a List.

With all the new delivery services popping up, we need a master list: from meals to laundry to ride sharing and more.



I Want a Tool for Putting on Compression Socks

Explorer Ron describes the problem he anticipates with age - increasing difficulty with putting on his compression socks, and the group discusses whether or not available gadgets might help.



Medical Data Storage and Retrieval Discussed

Explorer Rich tells the group about an Apple medical app called Medical ID, which operates from the lock screen and allows quick access by responders to important medical information in an emergency



Finding a Health Advocate: SSF Explorers like IoA

Sequoias Explorers learn about a Health Advocate service offered by the Institute on Aging from Explorer Shirley.



Grocery Delivery Services Discussed

Explorer Barbara asks the group for recommendations of grocery delivery services.



Explorers Report on 'NoMoRobo' Performance

Explorer Geri reports on the performance of the NoMoRobo website which she deployed after learning of it at a previous meeting.



Travel options for active older adults, discussed

Longevity Explorers Geri and Rick begin the discussion by pointing out some of the things to remember while traveling, such as making accommodation for decreased stamina, even among reasonably healthy elders, and wonder how to find interesting travel opportunities.



Vertigo: Symptoms and a Treatment

Explorer Philip reports that despite perfect results on his hearing test, he has a serious problem with balance.



Explorer reports back on iPhones for Seniors for Dummies

Explorer Lyle tells the group that he has an iPhone user guide called 'iPhone for Seniors for Dummies'.



Marilyn: Why not Make an Airbag-Belt?

Reminded that at a prior meeting she had mentioned the idea of a fall-detecting belt with built in airbag for protection, Marilyn gets an update on just such a product and the Explorers discuss some new ideas.



Innovative Use of a Realtor's Lockbox

Explorer John shared his innovation for safety and security - placing his entry door key in a lockbox hanging on his door handle, and giving family, friends, staff and paramedics the code in case they are responding to his call and he cannot answer the door.



Fraud protection credit card @ SSF

Member Bruce recommended a financial protective service for at-risk seniors who still want to have a sense of independence. It includes a prepaid Visa card with limited vendor access and a network of trusted contacts who are notified in case of of suspicious activity.



Research Report: Nail Clippers

Tech-enhanced Life volunteer researcher Marie Mika aggregated information on products frequently mentioned in other circles, and Richard Caro reported on one of the most widely mentioned items: Nail Clippers.



End-of-Life Issues are not Black and White

A member asks why there is not an easier way in California (as there is in Oregon) to end life that no longer has quality.



Older adult pedestrians & traffic: problem

This group discussed the challenges of mixing pedestrians and traffic, especially when the pedestrians are older adults. The context for the discussion were several recent fatalities in which older adult pedestrians were run down. The discussion covered a range of topics



POLST form, Medical directives, Flashdrive or Medallion?

This group discussed POLST forms, why one needs a paper version, and the attractive idea of having one's medical wishes and history accessible with a phone call to a number on a medallion around one's neck, or perhaps on a USB drive attached to one's person.



Tile "Thing Finder" Discussion @ SRC

This group had a demo of a new "thing finder" and discussed its strengths and weaknesses. It's designed for when you forget where you left your keys and other things.



Thing-finders. Discussion of how they may be useful among older adults

This circle discussed a new "Thing finder App". Most of the discussion was about all the different reasons why such a device might come in handy.



Legal and Financial Issues following Dementia Diagnosis

 My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I need to make sure I have taken care of everything.

 I do have power of attorney but want to make sure everything has been taken care of. What should I be worrying about?




Hearing aid batteries don't last long

One participant in this discussion was explaining how frustrating it was to have to replace his hearing aid batteries every week. Not to mention expensive. Another participant had a different product that had rechargeable batteries that largely eliminated this concern. Cross pollination of ideas...



How do I remember all my passwords?

Today we all have lots of passwords for our online lives. This problem is widespread of course. These seniors discuss how annoying it is for them, and what solutions they use as workarounds.



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