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The Impact Theme series: Longevity Explorers Discuss.

Our Longevity Explorers have been brainstorming about what they want Smart Homes, Artifical Intelligence (AI), Robots, and the Internet of Things to do for them in the future.

We have generated lots of ideas we hope innovators will find helpful as they design new products and services. And we have been evaluating a variety of new products and sharing what we learn.




Hear what Older Adults Think: Smart Home, AI, Robots, Internet of Things

Ohmni Robot Creates a Stir: Saratoga Explorers

SRC Explorers meet a mobile communications robot and respond to what they see.



Imagining What Alexa Could Do for Older Adults

Explorers at Eskaton Village Carmichael are introduced to the Amazon Echo and brainstorm about what such an artificial intelligence based device might do for them in their daily lives.



Amazon Echo: Capabilities Older Adults Would Like

Amazon Echo and Alexa are explored by this group of older adults, who brainstorm together about capabilities we would like to see in this type of product in the future.



EVC Explorers Meet OhmniLabs Robot

Explorers at Eskaton Village, Carmichael meet an Ohmni Labs robot, and have a variety of initial responses from surprise to nervous laughter.



OhmniLabs Robot: SF Village Explorer Impressions

The group registers mixed reactions to the appearance of a mechanical visitor in the form of a mobile robot, operated from a remote location.



What do we think of Alexa and similar products

Explorers show interest in the Amazon Echo ("Alexa") and similar voice-based interactive technology which can serve the user, and is actually a type of robot.



What Household Tasks Would I Like a (Magical) Robot Servant to Do for Me?

Eskaton Village Explorers ponder which tasks they would like to have done for them in their homes by a robot servant. .



Jobs we wish a robot could do for us

Sequoias, San Francisco, Explorers are challenged to let their imagination create a list of household tasks that they would like done for them by an intelligent device.



Explorers Discuss Reminder Rosie, Siri, and Alexa

Longevity Explorers at Saratoga Retirement Community are introduced to Reminder Rosie, a memory aid in the form of a talking alarm clock.



What robots do we need?

Longevity Explorers discussed the role that robots might play in the field of care giving as the labor market became more scarce as demographics change.



How Can I Get My Groceries into the House?

Explorer Barbara starts the discussion by asking how to more easily get bags of groceries from her garage up into her kitchen.



Telepresence Robots - our future connections?

On January 21, 2015 we held our Aging In Place Technologies Meet-up at the Beam virtual presence store in Palo Alto. This is the place to capture your comments and feedback, and see how others enjoyed it and read what they learned.



About the Impact Theme Series

Our Longevity Explorers (hundreds of older adults with ages ranging from 60-95 years old) meet regularly to discuss topics at the intersection of aging and technology.

Among the many topics we discuss in these meetings, we have been exploring some specific themes which we think are going to be very important for older adults in the future, and which in our opinion are ripe for innovation. These make up our Impact Themes, and Smart Home, AI, Robots, Internet of Things is one of these themes.

In these discussions:

  • We share how we do things today;
  • We explore and critique existing products;
  • We talk about challenges we have that we wish products could solve; and
  • We dream up product concepts we wish someone like you would develop.

If you are developing products or services for older adults in the category of Smart Home, AI, Robots, Internet of Things, listen to the Longevity Explorer discussions on this page to get insights about how to develop better products and services for older adults.

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