My Dad Keeps Calling Me at a Bad Time

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: October 14, 2022.


Problem description

My dad lives in a different time zone and never seems to remember my work schedule. He is trying to call me for just a chat, but really gets confused about me being three hours later.

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My Calls: an Alexa Skill for Coordinating Calls

This Alexa skill helps your family members plan their calls so they reach you at times that are convenient for you.





from Leslie Royce Pochos (unverified) at January 02, 2023

Why don't you send your Dad a "if it's this time there, it's this time at my house" list? Then you can show him what time on his clock is the best time to call you. My daughter sent me a new clock that brightly showed large letters for AM and PM so I stopped being a nuisance.

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