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For Older Adults, their Families, and Caregivers

— and for Companies Creating Innovations Related to Aging.

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The Oldie Sees Aging in a New Light

Explorer June introduces the group to her favorite periodical, the lighthearted U.K. monthly magazine for older adults, The Oldie. .........Read more

Toenail Clippers, Hands-on @ SequioasSF

These explorers play with a handful of different, best-selling toenail clippers and compare and contrast. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Other Things (shared by our Explorers)

VoiceBooster Voice Amplifier

VoiceBooster is a small portable amplifier with a microphone and charger.

Singer Self-Threading Needles

Singer Self-threading needles are designed to help persons with visual or range of motion limitations to sew by simplifying the threading of the needle.

The US Advance Care Plan Registry

The US Advance Care Plan Registry

The US Living Will Registry/Advance Care Plan Registry is a service accessed by a mobile app or online which is designed to store or to otherwise locate advance health directives for use by the user or by health care providers anywhere.

Formal Bibs for Adults: Classy Pal

Formal bibs protect clothing from food spills while maintaining the dignity of the wearer.

Buck & Buck Unisex So-Soft Arm Protectors

Buck & Buck Unisex So-Soft Arm Protectors

Bicyclists have long worn arm protectors out on lengthy rides; now these practical garments have been designed for everyday use. Buck & Buck sell a variety of arm and leg protectors to protect skin from bruising and tearing. These So-Soft Arm Protectors are Buck & Buck’s top sellers,...

Ayumi Shoes

Ayumi Shoes

Ayumi develops comfortable and stylish footwear to cater to individuals with certain age-related health conditions that affect mobility or who are recovering from surgery. Ayumi shoes are stylish (using bright colors), comfortable (made with soft fabric), light, and can have a different-sized...

Authored Apparel

Authored Apparel

AuthoredR Apparel is engineered apparel for aging adults and for people with disabilities or injuries that make dressing in regular clothes challenging.


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