Can’t Reach Toenails to Cut Them Anymore

By:  Editorial Team   |  Posted: September 23, 2014   |  Updated: April 18, 2023

Problem Description

Older people complain that at some point, for one reason or another, it is no longer possible to reach toenails for clipping. What is available – short of paying for the service – to make this mundane hygienic procedure ‘within reach’ again?

At a Longevity Explorer discussion circle in September, 2014, a group of residents at a large CCRC in Portola Valley, CA discussed this problem.

After a number of similar discussions across our Explorer Circles of Older Adults, our Longevity Explorers put together this list of “promising toe nail clippers for older adults“. Please try them out and let us know what you think.


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3 thoughts on “Can’t Reach Toenails to Cut Them Anymore”

  1. Good strong nail clippers

    The info on the toenail scissors that I mentioned says “Peta UK”.  I googled that and found  The scissors are described as “Long Reach Toe Nail Cutters”.

    I also checked Amazon (Health and Personal Care).  They feature some that look identical but under different names.

    They’re certainly better than regular scissors for this purpose but there maybe others that are even better.  I haven’t looked any further.

  2. Medicare will pay for you to have your toenails cut

    I take an elderly friend who cannot cut her toenails anymore to a Podiatrist every 10 weeks.    She is not billed.   The bill goes directly to Medicare.    I would only suggest that before you start this routine, you check to make sure your doctor will accept Medicare.

  3. Long Reach Toe Nail Cutters – Design History

    Hi, I am the daughter of the designer of these scissors, Lionel Crockett.  The first long reach toe nail scissors (PTC-2) were developed in the mid 1990’s by adapting an existing scissor in our range to take an angled nail cutting blade.  The image used shows the product being incorrectly used, the index finger should be placed outside the long loop to provide control, whilst the middle, ring and little fingers should be placed inside the loop to provide the strength for cutting.  Over the years, sadly, this product has been much copied so there are several versions of varying qualities, ours has PETA on the blade.  Listening to customer feedback and to differentiate ourselves from the “me toos” in 2013 we introduced our new version (PTC-3) with the white and pale blue handle.  The handle is contoured to be a more appropriate fit for an arthritic hand and the pale blue is a soft non-slip finish to provide greater comfort and to indicate finger position.  We have had good feedback from this improved version.