Giving Up the Car…

By: [email protected] Updated: December 02, 2021.

Trying to convince my husband and a friend it is time to consider giving up their vehicles. With that in mind I set up an Uber account for my totally NON-techie husband. Added every address I could think of he might need. Still, he found it very difficult to navigate. Forget the friend. Her phone confuses her. What is the chance Uber would work with us to design a Senior Friendly App? There are millions of seniors who would consider giving up their cars if they had an alterative means of arranging transportation. Just think, sell the car, eliminate insurance cost and vehicle maintenance... more than enough to set up a fund to defray Uber cost. 




from faengelm (member) at August 21, 2021

Hi Martha,

I haven't tried this one, butthere is something called  "Lively Rides" which is available on the Lively Flip and Lively Smart (what was previously GreatCall). This provides a front-end to the Lyft service where you just press "O" on the phone and talk to the Lively operator who arranges the Lyft ride. This should reduce the confusion of using a phone app.



from John Milford (member) at August 26, 2021

Gogograndparent is a service that connects people with ride services using just a home telephone - if that is what suits them best.
Perhaps a few minutes to set up an account for a 'technophobe' is all it takes to set them free from a car that is no longer their friend.