Fantastic Source for COVID “State of Play”

If you like to stay on top of the facts and details about the state of our battle against COVID, and like an emphasis on logic and science, here is a fantastic resource.

Dr. Jordan Shlain, a San Francisco-based physician, has been writing a series of "Dispatches" about COVID and what is happening on the front lines. You can see them here on Medium.

In the latest dispatch #7 he talks about the need to move from defense to offense, and summarizes the latest knowledge about therapies, testing, vaccines and more.

I liked this quote:

"Using an NFL analogy: it’s halftime, we’re down 24–7 and our offense has been on the field once and it was three and out. Our only score came from our defense in the form of physical distancing."

Unlike most of what I see in the media, which is heavy on recriminations and blame and light on useful suggestions to change things, Dr. Shlain has lots of suggestions and lays things out in great detail. They are one person's opinions, of course. But they make sense to me.

I highly recommend these informative Dispatches.