Hearing Explorer Circle

Tech-enhanced Life is starting up a new Longevity Explorer circle to focus specifically on one topic: Hearing.


  • The circle will meet “virtually” via Zoom, which means you can be anywhere in the world and participate.
  • The circle has some very explicit goals (see below).
  • The circle will meet monthly until we feel we have accomplished our “goals”. After that, depending on what members want, we will either disband or pick a new focus.



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Specific Goals

This Longevity Explorer circle has some specific goals.

1.   We plan to explore existing and emerging “tools for better hearing”, and dig into topics like:

  • what products exist;
  • which are best and why;
  • what new technologies are emerging.

2.    Although hearing aids will be an obvious topic, we expect to explore other consumer electronics gadgets that can make high quality hearing more easily available. We are especially interested in solutions that work for people who “don’t need hearing aids yet“, but find hearing difficult at times — such as in noisy restaurants, or while watching TV with others, or while at the movies.

2.   We will “share” what each of us does now, what solutions and gadgets we use, and what “unsolved issues” we have — and learn from each other.

3.   We hope to share what we learn with the “world”. Our discussions will be recorded and published on Tech-enhanced Life.

4.    Our goal is to create insights useful for older adults and their families, and for ourselves. Outputs will be articles, and other media on the Tech-enhanced Life website, available for free to people around the world with hearing issues.



Some Details & FAQ’s


Will I Need to Do a Lot of “Work”?

No. The basic expectation is that you will come to a meeting a month (virtually via Zoom), and participate in the discussion.

  • If you want to do more than that, there will be opportunities, but it is fine if you only want to come and share and learn from others.
  • If you can’t always come, that is OK.
  • If you get sick of it and stop coming, that is OK.

BUT, please don’t sign up just to “see what it is like”. We want people who have a serious interest in finding hearing solutions for themselves and or others. Or in sharing what they know with others.


Will There be “Pitches” or Other “Sales” Interactions?


The explorer circles are designed to do things to benefit older adults and their families and not to benefit companies. We do NOT have product pitches or other company-sponsored activities at regular Longevity Explorer meetings.

Sometimes companies approach Tech-enhanced Life for help, and we are happy to help them. We call what we do with companies “sponsored explorations”.

And if you are part of this Hearing explorer circle, and want to be invited to try out new products and help advise companies, that will be an option via “sponsored explorations”. However, any such interactions will happen at a different time and place to the normal explorer meetings of this circle, and there is no obligation at all to be invited or participate.


What Happens if I Sign Up?

  • We will reach out to you by email and tell you how you can get started as a Longevity Explorer if you want to.
  • You will also get our monthly Newsletter (if you don’t already get it).
  • There are no fees of any sort, and all our emails have a simple unsubscribe button on them. We don’t share your email with others, and no-one will be calling you up to bother you.


What If I Am Already a Longevity Explorer

That is fine. You can join this special “hearing” explorer circle too.

Just go ahead and fill out the form by clicking on the green button below.



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