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This might appeal to people who lack the know-how to achieve the same capabilities using Google. "Okay Google" is Alexa's sister. I am always skeptical of phones marketed as elder-friendly because most just sell less expensive phones with a few pre-programmed gimmicks like a help button that one can easily program into grandma's current phone. There is always an app for that :-).

However, some people are willing to sacrifice functionality for convenience because they have not kept up with the technology and that train has left the station for them. They are paying more for less, but it allows them to skip learning all that digi-knowledge, and for many elders that is desirable. As I have mentioned, my late 96-year-old mom used to call her husband's desktop PC "the email," because that is all she used it for and did not want to bother learning how to Google for information, Facebook, etc.