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I am a geriatric care manager (Aging Life Care manager) helping my homebound, not-tech-savvy clients to order groceries, primarily using Instacart (I was using Whole Foods through Amazon, but they are so overwhelmed they don't even allow us to order through the webiste anymore until we receive a otification that there is "space available"). I did not feel comfortable using my personal Instacart account and payment method (although I am reimbused through my company). I have been setting up client accounts, separate from mine, using their credit card numbers (I find even my oldest clients have a credit card). They call me to "place an order" and I order for them, reminding them that there is likely to be a delay of 1-3 days during COVID-19. If a client lives with cognitive challenges that do not allow him/her to remember to call me, I will call and ask what they need. For some clients, I have created a paper grocery "checklist" which I snail mailed to them that allows them to check off what they need (usually staples) as their supply dwindles, so they can just read it to me over the phone. I recognize than not every communit has Instacart, Shipt, or similar. My parents who live in a rural part of Idaho do have access to an area senior center (call the Area Agency on Aging in your loved one's community to find out where senior centers are located) and the meals they would have received at the senior center are being delivered by volunteers to their homes, like Meals on Wheels. This does not solve the problem of getting toiletries, etc. but in smaller communities, volunteers may be willing to do small shopping trips to deliver items along with the meals.