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Our full time IT person teaches courses and is available for house calls for any tech help. He has no limits on the support he can offer and is very open to new challenges.

He also teaches short courses & I just finished three of them. One was on the iPhone (also covered Android when asked questions)and iPad. The next one was on TouchTone Community Apps which is used by our facility for many items including: ordering meals or making dining reservations, resident info, activities, resident handbook, placing work orders, etc. The third one was on the various Infinity Comcast remotes.

He has been to our apartment twice to help me with iMac issues and cell phone signal strength issues. He helped my wife with iTunes. During the visit as I chatted with him, he said the bulk of what residents ask for is help with computers, cell phones and smart TVs which is why he offers those specific courses.

We have a fall detection program that one can subscribe to. My apartment has 6 emergency pull cords and I have to push a button on one of them every day to let the system know there is a person active in our unit. I have the SOS fall enabled on my iWatch. Senior Helpers is on site and can help with medications, baths, trips, etc.

We have met many people here and so far I have not met one who has shown an interest in having automation for lighting, video calling, medication, etc. I have helped a few learn to use Zoom as I host a monthly Zoom meeting for our building only.

Almost any question or help needed can be acquired by calling the receptionist at the front desk of the facility who is very well informed on how to get proper help. We have one of our TV channels (920) that constantly puts out info on the facility, services, etc. which is used primarily by those who do not use computers or cell phones.

Hope this info helps,

Pete K.