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Before we talk solutions we should identify the problems. Although fluffy women are harder to fit we should not exclude normal sized women, we all similar problems. At the end of the day when all you can think of is... take if off, NOW, your bra doesn't fit. 

1. We are less muscular and have softer tissue, thus creating the overflow at the top and bottom of our bras. Seriously, the overhang is really unattractive and really uncomfortable. 

2. We aren't as flexible as we used to be. What kind of front closures make sense? Options are important, hooks, zippers, whatever.

3. As we age for some reason our breasts seem to take on a zip code of their own. Bigger and softer. What's with that?

4. Again, because our tissue is softer, those cute thin straps cut in and are not comfortable. 

5. We need wider straps or as one lady suggested a full cap? Or would having the straps attached more towards the center keep them from slipping off our shoulders? Maybe having several places we could attached the straps in the back would help. 

6. And how about adjustments for length... why in the world do they ever put them in the back? Take bra off adjust. Put bra on check adjustment. Oops, not right. Repeats steps 1-3. 

7. Some women prefer underwire and some prefer wireless. Why one over the other?

8. Let's not forget pretty. Functional is important but please, DO NOT go industrial. I dont care how old I am or fluffy I still want pretty.