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After trying and failing earlier this year to get my mom to accept a GrandPad earlier this year, I finally got her to accept trying an Echo Show after my dad passed away and she was left alone in her assisted living facility under severe COVID isolation. While the setup was a bit more challenging than I would have liked (very annoying that it can't be pre-set up with the Amazon password associated with the wifi network where your elderly loved one is living), after 2 hours of talking my mom through this step, we got it working. She's only had it 3 days and she LOVES it.

I love that I can put new photos in an album every day in Amazon Photos that just show up for her on the home screen and our video calling conversations are light years better than our phone conversations were. I'm able to show her things around my house and in my community (I use the Alexa App on my phone).

She even took it upon herself to ask Alexa to listen to her favorite radio station and asked me if she could use Alexa to look up a word in a book she's reading.