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"answer the phone at a voice command, without you needing to run to the phone"

I usually don't run to the phone. If the Show reveals the name of the caller (caller I.D. or from my list of contacts), or an image of the caller, I might have to "run to the phone" before deciding to answer.

Then there is the new issue of how I look when someone calls and if I want to be recorded or seen by someone I know, or by a total stranger.

I do like the drop-in feature, but only very selectively - when used as a "granny-cam" - when I know and consent, so that someone can check in on me, or another older person who might live alone. And especially for someone who might live in a facility where staff abuse is suspected and family/friends want to monitor randomly.

The idea of "communication" using the Echo and Show, belies their basic privacy issue: You are installing a device that is a microphone (listening device) and/or a microphone/camera (spying device) in your home. Use extreme caution. In today's world you could be inviting the whole world in, or groups of intruders you might not ever encounter otherwise.