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Hello Nell,

Yes, that is possible because Alxa can call any phone number, including landlines, so Alexa can make your landline phone ring

Just say "Alexa, make a call"

She will answer back with- "Which phone number, contact or device do you want to call?

The the tricky part is that you need to say the whole phone number without any long pauses or Allexa will interpret it as a short number, e.g. just the area code

There is a way to make it easier by adding your landline phone as a Contact:

If you have a mobile phone, open the Alexa app

* Tap Communicate in the bottom row

* Tap the "person" outline in the upper right

* Tap Add Contact

* Enter a name for your landline phone. I used My Landline

It doesn't matter what "type" of phone number you pick, but to make Alexa's response more friendly, I chose "Add Phone Number" and picked "Home" instead of Mobile

* Tap Done

* Tap Save

Now you can say this short version

"Alexa, call my landline"

The first time you do this, Alexa will ask  "Do you mean My Landline's phone or Alexa devices?"

You say "phone"

The next time you say "Alexa, call my landline", she will ask if you want to make the same choice between phone and Alexa Devices