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We recently purchased just what you are describing: a rollaror allowing my sister-in-law to stand upright, handsfree, large wheels, absorbing spring/shock, light-weight, wonderful seat...and bought two attachments: cup holder & bag holder. I had seen the ad on t.v., but we ordered hers from Amazon for price, return policy & I see it is now priced 21% off (ELENKER Upright Rollator Walker, Stand Up Rollator Walker with Shock Absorber, 10” Front Wheels and Carrying Pouch, Suitable for Outdoor, White). She LOVES it! Whereas with her formal traditional "walker" we had to nag her to use, this is not needed now. We have cameras in her home, and each time we log-on, she is using her rollator 100% of the time when standing/walking. We very much recommend!