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best fall prevention program

The Best Fall Prevention Program

Concerned about Falls? This article is designed to help you decide which (if any) is the best Fall Prevention Program for you. And to help you choose between the Fall Prevention programs available in your town, state and country.

Fall prevention exercises for seniors

Fall Prevention Exercises for Seniors

We look at different options for the fall prevention exercises component of a fall prevention program, and how to decide which exercises for seniors program would work best to reduce your fall risk, in this second part of our work on choosing the right fall prevention program.

Personalized Fall Risk Reduction and Fall Prevention

Fall proofing ME: What Can I Do?

The media is awash with stories about older adults falling and hurting themselves, and these reports usually mention that one in three of those over 65 will fall each year. This article is about what you can do to make falls less likely.

Risk for Falls

Am I at Risk for Falls?

How do I determine my personal degree of “risk for falls”? Should I worry about falls at all? Do I need to use a cane or a walker? How would I know? We all face these questions as we age.

My Background:

This Expert Insights team consists of “citizen analysts” from the Longevity Explorers and Tech-enhanced Life, guided by a volunteer “expert panel” with deep domain expertise relating to older adults and fall avoidance.

Falls are a major problem for seniors who want to “Age in Place”, and there have been volumes written on topics like how to fall proof your home, how to avoid falling and the like. However when we went out and searched for the best answers to the sorts of questions our circles of older adults were asking, we found a bewildering array of different content, and had a hard time finding just the right set of easily digestible information. This research project is designed to identify and make easily accesible a set of “Curated Insights” from around the web on Falling.

Learn more: Fall Avoidance Research Project.

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