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Our team of clinicians and citizen analysts has scoured the web for the best available answers to a set of questions designed to help you make falls less likely, and make the consequences if you do fall less bad

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Falls: Avoid, Prevent, Recover

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Avoiding Falls: Where are the best answers?

Falls are a major problem for seniors who want to “Age in Place”, and there have been volumes written on fall prevention: on topics like how to fall-proof your home, how to avoid falling and the like. However when we went out and searched for the best answers to the sorts of questions our circles of older adults were asking, we found a bewildering array of different content, and had a hard time finding just the right set of easily digestible information. 

This research project is designed to identify a set of "Curated Insights" from around the web on Falls. We hope to find the best available answers to a set of key "questions" that our team believes are especially useful for older adults worried about falling. To make sure we do indeed identify the right material, our team will include a number of individuals who have spent a career helping older adults avoid or recover from falls, as well as our in-house analyst team.

The goal of this work is to create an accesssible set of "best insights" to a variety of questions about fall avoidance. The target audience for these curated insights is older adults who want to reduce the probability they might fall and hurt themselves badly.


Questions about Falls

In some initial crowd-based brainstorming, we decided this list of questions were ones we really wanted to understand, if we viewed the world from either the perspective of the older adult worried about falling, or the friends and family of that older adult.

See the questions to which we seek answers.


The Curated Insights

As we uncover hard to find gems on the Internet, that we think answer these questions extremely well, we will add them to our Curated Insights: Avoid the Perils of Falling page. This will be updated periodically as we uncover additional material.

View Curated Insights: Avoid the Perils of Falling





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