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What Explorers Say

"I like attending because I get new ideas and new twists on old ideas that help me in my disorganized life." Dr. John W-W.

"... fabulous "pop corn" style discussions.  One person often feeds thought to the next person in the room.

  • no subject is too delicate -- one of the recent discussions featured toe nail clippers and it just happened that one of the participants was a podiatrist.  What better source to relay which clippers might be best suited.
  • attention is paid to "the quiet ones" around the table.  Often, they have extracted the essence of the conversation and offer valuable insights.
  • above all else, there is a lot of laughter in the room, which is the best medicine for both body and soul."    Lynn D.

"My positive remarks concerning the get togethers involves the sharing of ideas with my fellow seniors. I truly enjoy your remarks and also those of my fellow SRC members. It shows me that we can still be mentally active and caring for each other in the group at our advanced age." Larry H.

"I find these email and all of your materials very helpful.  It’s great to have such refreshingly new ideas!!  Thank you!!" Dorothy P.

"I attend these sessions because I always learn about a product or idea that is relevant to my life today.  I am 70 years old and in good health so some of the ideas are for future consideration.  I am also inspired by people/older adults who are still active, willing to share, and able to express themselves clearly." Marilyn S.

"I enjoy and benefit from Dr. Caro's Longevity Explorers sessions. They are light and fun, but also substantive and stimulating. And, I'm always looking for that "break through" item that will make life easier and more enjoyable for me and my friends........"  Lyle H.  EVC

"I think these groups are valuable because seniors are being asked to think, evaluate, and contribute ideas on ways to improve the lives of seniors. (We need all the help we can get to cope with the increasing challenges of growing older.)" Helen R.

"Sessions are valuable because they introduce attendees to new products and new ways of looking at life. I like to attend the explorer series because attendees and leaders  are contemporary in their thinking. They hope to keep up with technological advances and benefit by learning from their peers." Jan from SRC

"The Longevity Explorers have given me many useful information on new technology that can help us in our daily life.  The discussions in the meetings are also very helpful.  I really appreciate your spending your time at the monthly meeting–you have enriched our lives at our age.  Thank you."  Tsing

"I'm having so much fun w/ this ! Reading the articles, teaching myself from the research done by others is fabulous! I can't wait to share this w/ my sibs out of town and my friends!"   Ayanna