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Hear this discussion from our Longevity Explorers — circles of older adults who meet monthly to explore solutions to the challenges that come with aging.

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from: Longevity Explorers | Virtual1

Discussion Summary

The Virtual1 Explorers Circle discussed apps they regularly use on a smartphone or tablet. They commented on how they used the app and why it was valuable to them. Members named a wide variety of apps.  See the list below.



  1. iPhone Calendar
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Alexa - calendar use
  4. Google Maps – includes traffic congestion
  5. LastPass - passwords
  6. SilentAlert 
  7. Call Filter – Verizon, spam
  8. My Health – Vanderbilt  
  9. Medisafe - pill reminder
  10. USPS - delivery
  11. Dropbox - cloud backup and storage
  12. Life360 - locator of individuals
  13. Shazam - music id
  14. GoodRx - prescription discount
  15. Audible - audio for books
  16. Spotify -  music download and playlists
  17. Great Courses-
  18. Send to Kindle - send documents
  19. Kindle - books, reads PDFs
  20. Chrome extension - subliminal affirmations
  21. Turboscan - scanner
  22. Flipboard -  consolidated news, etc.
  23. Instagram - for grandchild communication
  24. Venmo – money transfer
  25. Tiktok - short videos
  26. Banking app (Your bank) - depositing checks
  27. Cousera - MOOCs, free courses
  28. Securtity camera, ADP - remote surveillance
  29. FreeCell - game
  30. Spider Solitaire - game
  31. Words with Friends -game
  32. Dark Sky - weather
  33.  Morrning Brew - curated news
  34. Amazon, gift cards
  35. Apple Photos
  36. Google Photos
  37. Headspace - mindfullness
  38. MyRadar - weather
  39. Resound - hearing aid app
  40. Instacart - groceries
  41. Google Translate
  42. Harry Potter Magic & Spells - grandchild game
  43. Fitbit - fitness, health
  44. Blink - home security
  45. Magnifier-iPhone

 At the end, a member remarked that the large number of apps used by the group could put millenials to shame!



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