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from: Longevity Explorers | Palo Alto

Discussion Summary

This lengthy recording covers several different topics: The starting point for different segments is indicated.

START: The i-cloud is better for synching your calendar and contacts across all your devices’ instantly than i-Tunes which has a lag time.

Facetime: Wonderful for connecting to family for conversation, seeing the grandchildren and can be used when travelling overseas if have wi-fi.
Other communication applications mentioned included Skype, WeChat, Line.

Trip Advisor and AirBnB: enable setting up all the details for trips and where to stay.

i-Pod. Stores all my music so I can listen when walking or when at home using Bose speakers. Sadly this device is being discontinued.

Tune-in Radio: You can listen to your favorite radio station wherever you are using WiFi.

@11:30 Minutes:
We reviewed Richard's traveling collection of jar openers. Other offerings brought by members included a rubber hammer and a church key. Someone advocated using a can opener for hard to open plastic packaging.

@14 Minutes:
Helpful information sources
U-tube is an excellent source of free information on how to use all sorts of devices ranging from how to tune the carburetor of an Austin Healey, to discussion of Artificial Intelligence and other educational topics by famous speakers.

Alexa or Siri also provide information about a lot of things. These have an advantage over doing an online computer search, e.g. with Google, for people with poor eyesight as they can listen to the information. Some wondered how far Alexa’s range for query and response is within a home. Do you need multiple outlets for use in different rooms? Others warned that too much reliance on informational devices will render humans redundant.

@19:30 Mins
Dedicated one-way messaging system
The Day Clock (see listing below for more information), a specialized tablet, originating in Europe, was described. Its’ developers are marketing it through web sites focused on support for people with memory impairments, but our member thought it has a broader application for any senior who is isolated. It is described as a tablet for orientation, planning and connection. It displays the date and time along with messages, photos, and reminders entered remotely by family and friends of the recipient. Messages can be displayed on the screen, or delivered over speakers. It can be programmed to display a person’s schedule that day, upcoming events, and to give a reminder to take meds at designated times. Family and friends can also send photos and messages from wherever they are.



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