University Student Team Focuses on Alexa and Aging

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

The SF Explorer Circle is asked to consider and comment on a series of questions that Tech-enhanced Life, PBC, has been sent to help a team of university students refine a business plan entry for a competition. The questions: 

1. If you had a digital daily diary for health, what kinds of services (i.e. medication reminders, diet log) would you like to see on it? The app might listen throughout the day and keep track by selected category:

  • Exercise, food intake, (intractive nutrition and wellness coach)
  • Prompt for what have you done differently today, or what did you discover today? (brain function coach) 
  • Who did you call or contact today? (socialization coach)
  • Medical record notes, consolidation, or summary  
  • Relaxation or meditation 

2. Any challenges to using a voice recognition system to record daily life?

  • Privacy issues
  • Why are we doing all this recording?
  • Will it be accurate?
  • How will the app overcome ambient noise?

3. What are your challenges while utilizing the health care system?

  • Access
  • Finding the right provider for me 
  • Time of day that the problem presents itself

4. What would you change about clinic visits?

  • Inadequate nutrition knowledge base among providers
  • Long waits
  • Younger MDs are more up to date with medical advancements than older ones
  • MDs offices often behind in use of technology (EMR, e-mail)
  • Prefer face to face visits vs. telemedicine visits




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