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The Passavant Longevity Explorers evaluate "Tochie": an AI device.



Product Evaluation: Tochie

17 Evaluators


Tochie is an in-home reminder device that allows you to remotely record and schedule messages to support your loved one’s daily routine.

Cost: $89.00


Practicality/Usefulness 2.2/3


  • Depends on individual needs
  • Useful if someone sets it up for you
  • Yes, to a point. But must be set up and explained. Would prefer something with day/time
  • All “3’s” for use with a person who is managing fairly well but needs memory prompts
  • Seems as if it would be useful
  • Good for people who have some cognitive impairment, so some other person should set up all messages for person
  • For a mentally challenged person


Effectiveness 2.4/3


  • I would need to use it to find out
  • If someone else set it up because you are not computer literate
  • Okay if someone else sets it up
  • Size is okay, but easily misplaced
  • Hard to know if you haven’t tested it
  • Good for homebound person
  • Good for reminders
  • Depends on person


Senior Friendly Design 1.8/3


  • No, unless you are computer savvy
  • Symbols on bottom are difficult to see (maybe color code or make larger); directions should be darker and larger print
  • Only if responsible helper can set time for appt, etc. Some seniors are confused by trying to use later.
  • Difficult to see labels
  • Small print
  • Hard to know if you haven’t tested it
  • Cute, but labels on bottom are too small and hard to see; not enough contrast
  • Person must have good eyesight to manipulate buttons on bottom
  • Yes, if someone else sets it up
  • Control buttons are small; not apparent how to change app size/font


Item is Portable Yes: 10 No: 3 No Response: 4


Would purchase Yes: 5 No: 9 No Response: 3


  • Would not buy it at this time
  • Would choose “Alexa” which offers some reminders etc when set up
  • Buttons on the bottom of the device are hard to see.
  • On the directions, the print is too small for older people; symbols on bottom are too difficult to see
  • Would purchase if necessary; price is reasonable
  • I think its good for non-computer people. I’d use my Alexa instead
  • The directions are useless
  • I have an Alexa which does all this and more
  • Useful for a specific audience. A person’s memory must be good enough to remember to act on the message
  • Would not buy it, only because I don’t need it
  • Don’t know anyone who would need it, and I don’t
  • Not useful if you already have Alexa or other smart device

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