Telepresence Robots - our future connections?

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Discussion Summary

On January 21, 2015 we held our Aging In Place Technologies Meet-up at the Beam virtual presence store in Palo Alto. The Beam store graciously allowed us to use both their meeting space and a number of telepresence robots! We had planned for 8 of our members to attend the meeting via a Beam robot. We had 35 people attend, including the robot users.


The meeting followed our usual agenda of:

  1. Socialize
  2. Collaborative products and solutions
  3. Speaker
    Richard Caro: Aging Parents, Virtual Visits & Robots
  4. 5 minute presentations
    Dave Jaffe: Stanford class Perspectives in Assistive Technology
    Bob Glicksman: Standalone Intelligent Sensor, a maker project
  5. Unconference - robots, virtual visits, aging parents

For the Unconference we chatted with others about the pros and cons of virtual presence robots and how they might be used with aging parents. We asked everyone present (do we call them "the physicals"?) to be sure to chat with those attending via robot. On one side, the people attending via robot had the experience of freely roaming the room and being part of the discussion. On the other side, all the physicals had the experience of dealing with a virtual presence. 

Share your Impressions

This page is here as a place for everyone to share their experiences with the virtual presence. Please comment freely below. Think about at least these questions:

A. Did the the robot really bring the remote user "into" the room?

B. Could remote users fully participate in the physical discussion?

C. How natural did the interaction through a robot feel to everyone on both sides?

D. How would your parent react to having a robot like this in their home?

And please add any ideas or impressions you have.

Thanks for joining us.



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